Your question: What does CSL mean in real estate?

combined single limit (CSL) of liability.

What does it mean by CLS?

In computing, cls is a command used by the command line interpreters COMMAND.COM and cmd.exe on DOS, OS/2 and Microsoft Windows operating systems to clear the screen or console window of commands and any output generated by them.

What are acronyms in real estate?

Real Estate Broker Abbreviations

  • ARV – after-repaired value.
  • CCIM – Certified Commercial Investment Member.
  • COO or C of O – certificate of occupancy.
  • CMA – comparative market analysis.
  • COCR or CCR – cash on cash return.
  • COF – cost of funds.
  • CRE – commercial real estate.
  • DTI – debt to income ratio.

What does can mean in real estate?

Properties that have the designation CAN have a cancelled contract between the agent and the owner before the contract period ended. Those that read EXP had the listing contract expire. The seller may have chosen not to sell.

What is the abbreviation for property?

There are two common abbreviations of property: prop. and propty.

What is CLS in shipping?

CLS_closing=closing date =ETC ( estimated time of closing ), refers to the closing date or cut off time.

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What is a good CLS score?

Good: A CLS score of 0.1 or lower. Needs Improvement: A CLS score between 0.1 and 0.25. Poor: A CLS score above 0.25.

What does LR mean in real estate?

LR: In real estate listings, LR stands for “living room,” meaning that the listed property has a room separate from a bedroom or kitchen, typically where occupants can gather and relax.

What is HBA in real estate?

House Building Advance (financing) HBA.

What does DOD mean in real estate?

One of the terms of any real estate contract is the possession date. For years, it was customary for possession to be given on the DOD, or date of deed. In other words, if the house was to close on May 3, that is when possession would be given to the buyer.

What does AUD mean in real estate?

An accessory dwelling unit is a small dwelling right on the same grounds, or attached to, a single-family house. For example, it could be an apartment over the garage, a basement apartment, or a stand-alone house in the backyard. An ADU can be used to house a family member or for additional income through rent.

What does ROC mean in real estate?

Return of capital (ROC) refers to principal payments back to “capital owners” (shareholders, partners, unitholders) that exceed the growth (net income/taxable income) of a business or investment. It should not be confused with Rate of Return (ROR), which measures a gain or loss on an investment.

Is Prop short for property?

Yes, props is short for the word “properties”. One possible reason for this naming is that props are essentially JavaScript objects, and JavaScript objects contain properties.

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What is the abbreviation for investment?

The most common abbreviations for investment are, invest. invt.