Your question: Is it immovable or unmovable?

is that immovable is incapable of being physically moved; fixed while unmovable is not physically possible to be moved.

Which is correct unmovable or immovable?

Unmovable is the “more” correct spelling, although immovable is used more commonly than either. Unmoveable looks better to my eye but I agree it is more archaic, although I did come across it in a recently published art magazine from the UK.

Is unmovable a word?

Firmly in position: fixed, immobile, immovable, stationary, steadfast, steady, unmoving.

What does it mean to be immovable?

1 : incapable of being moved broadly : not moving or not intended to be moved. 2a : steadfast, unyielding. b : not capable of being moved emotionally. immovable. noun.

What does Unbudging mean?

Definition of unbudging

: not budging : resisting movement or change.

What does Unbudgeable mean?

Definition of unbudgeable

: not able to be budged or changed : inflexible an unbudgeable optimist.

How do you say not moveable?


  1. immobile,
  2. immotile,
  3. immovable,
  4. irremovable,
  5. nonmotile,
  6. nonmoving,
  7. unbudging.

What is an immovable thing?

Immovables, res immobiles, are things in general, such as cannot move themselves or be removed from one place to another. But this definition, strictly speaking, is applicable only to such things as are immovable by their own nature, and not to such as are so only by the destination of the law.

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What does it mean to be steadfast and immovable?

Thus, a person who is steadfast and immovable is solid, firm, resolute, firmly fixed, and incapable of being diverted from a primary purpose or mission. In the scriptures we find many noteworthy examples of individuals who are steadfast and immovable.

What part of speech is immovable?

IMMOVABLE (adjective) definition and synonyms | Macmillan Dictionary.

What does it mean to throttle someone?

1 : to strangle or choke (someone) 2 : to reduce the speed of (an engine) by closing the throttle valve. throttle. noun.

What is a antonym for budge?

Opposite of to dislodge or move or shift (something) into a new position. fix. couple. restore.