What is EOD mean in real estate?

Close of business and End of Day are two phrases that are often used interchangeably, but they have different meanings.

What does EOD stand for in construction?

The Explosive Ordnance Disposal Badge is a military badge of the United States Armed Forces which recognizes those service members, qualified as explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) technicians, who are specially trained to deal with the construction, deployment, disarmament, and disposal of high explosive munitions …

What is the meaning of EOD in English?


abbreviation for end of day: used, especially in business, to mean the end of the working day: There is an escalation on that. I need results by EOD.

What is the abbreviation for realtor?

Real Estate Acronyms – Alphabet Soup

ABR Accredited Buyer Representative, a certification of NAR for buyer representation
REALTOR A trademarked term denoting membership in the National Association of REALTORS®; not a generic term
REBAC Real Estate Buyer Agent Council, an affiliate of NAR that maintains the ABR designation

What is an EOD in finance?

End of day (EOD), end of business (EOB), close of business (COB), close of play (COP) or end of play (EOP) is the end of the trading day in financial markets, the point when trading ceases.

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What does EOD mean in logistics?

Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) Function of Logistics


Is EOD today correct?

in the u.s., “eod” usually means “end of discussion.” it is a casual and indeed, rude way of saying, “stfu, i don’t want to hear any more of this.” it’s just “eod.” i suppose, it also means “end of day.” in that case, it’s most likely, “e.o.d. today.”

What does SFM mean in real estate?

The intent of the single-family medium density residential (SFM) zone district is to: A. Provide for a high standard of development for residential areas of moderate density in which single-family housing is the primary form of development; B.

What does YN mean in real estate?

For Rent YN – Signifies whether the property in question is also available for lease. Foundation – Use this field to define the type of foundation used in the improved property.

What does BA mean in real estate?

Ba – bathroom. Br – bedroom. CAC – central air conditioning.

What is EOD and BOD in banking?

One of the main tasks carried out by the Fund Manager is performing the End of Day (EOD) and Beginning of Day (BOD) activities. These activities perform important functions in the system, and prepare it for the next business day.

What is EOD email?

3 EOD. EOD means “end of day.” You will have to find out how your employer uses this term. For some, it might mean the end of a 24-hour day (i.e., midnight), but others might use it to refer to the closing time of a particular business.

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What is COB stand for?

We all have seen it – the email from our boss asking for an important piece of information or for a project to be completed by “COB“ or “EOD.” Traditionally in business language, we know COB to mean “close of business” and EOD to mean “end of day.” But, what does each of these really mean today?