Quick Answer: How do I change my name on Mira Bhayander property tax?

How do I change my name on Mira Bhayander property tax online?

Here is a list of documents that you should keep handy:

  1. Filled application form for property mutation.
  2. Copy of title or sale deed.
  3. Affidavit on stamp paper as suggested by the sub-registrar.
  4. Indemnity bond.
  5. Copy of government approved ID such as Aadhaar Card.
  6. Property tax payment receipt.

How do I change the name on my house property?

Visit the land registry office: Once the name is legally changed the owner of the land should visit the land registry office and submit all the proofs related to the new name change with a nominal fee to get his or her name updated in the land records.

How do I change my name on my tax receipt?

Steps to Change Name in the Property Tax

  1. Receipt of the last tax paid on the property.
  2. An attested copy of the sale transaction deed that is in your name.
  3. NOC from the housing society.
  4. Duly filled application form along with your signature.
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How can I change my property tax name in Tamilnadu online?

Modification of Property Tax

  1. The citizen may submit his request along with the following details through the online citizen portal available in website www.chennaicorporation.gov.in.
  2. The citizen should obtain user id and password by furnishing the user name and mobile number or email id in citizen portal.

How do I change my name on BBMP property tax online?

bbmp property tax name change. In your application you must mention that you have obtained your khata certificate (along with khata number) and that you seek the changes in property tax receipts. You must also attach the copy of your khata certificate with the application for BBMP property tax owner name change.

How can I change my name in property tax in Telangana?

Documents Required

  1. Notice of transfer under Section 208 of GHMC Act, duly signed by both the Vendor and Vendee.
  2. Attested copies of property documents and link documents.
  3. Encumbrance Certificate (Latest document to be furnished)
  4. Non-Judicial Stamp paper for Rs. …
  5. Undertaking on Notarized Affidavit cum indemnity bond on Rs.

How do I change my name?

Steps to Legally Change Your Name

  1. Petition to change your name by filling out a name change form, an order to show cause for legally changing your name, and a decree to legally change your name.
  2. Take these forms to the court clerk and file them along with your state’s required filing fees.

How can I transfer my property tax name in Pune?

What documents are required for transfer of ownership of property?

  1. Proof of ownership (Sale Deed / Index II)
  2. No objection certificate given by last/original owner or from Co-op Hsg. …
  3. Property tax payment receipt for the whole financial year with NOC.
  4. Abstract of property card.
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How do I change my name on Ghmc property taxes?

How to Get GHMC Property Tax name Change Done Online?

  1. Latest receipt of the tax paid.
  2. Attested Copy of the sale transaction deed.
  3. Copy of death certificate/legal heir certificate/succession certificate.
  4. NOC (No Objection Certificate) from the respective housing society.
  5. Filled application form with signatures.

How can I change my property tax name in Uttar Pradesh?

Documents Required for Mutation Process

  1. Death certificate.
  2. Copy of Succession Certificate.
  3. Affidavit on stamp paper.
  4. Up-to-date property tax payment receipt in case of Power of Attorney.
  5. Copy of Power of Attorney.
  6. Application for mutation with stamp affixed.
  7. Registration deeds (Both current & previous)
  8. Sale deeds.

How can I change my name in property tax in Tamil?

How to change name in property tax online Tami Nnadu?

  1. Visit the government portal to submit your request at www.chennaicorporation.gov.in.
  2. The applicant is required to get himself/herself registered on the website to use further.
  3. You will be required to fill the following details.

How do I change my name on my property after death in Tamilnadu?

Documents Required

  1. A self-undertaking affidavit.
  2. Identity proof of the applicant.
  3. Address Proof of all legal heirs.
  4. Date of Birth Proof of all legal heirs.
  5. Death certificate of the deceased person.
  6. Death certificate of the deceased direct legal heir.
  7. Residence Proof of the deceased.

How do I change my name on property tax after death in Tamilnadu?

3) Documents required for the Name Transfer of Property Tax:

  1. The application in the prescribed form.
  2. The Relevant documents for ownership.
  3. Legal heir ship Certificate in the event of will and death of case.
  4. Death Certificate in the event of death case.
  5. Copy of up to dated Tax paid receipt.
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