Frequent question: What is HBA in real estate?

House Building Advance (financing) HBA.

What is HB in real estate ads?

HB. Half bath (toilet and sink) HDWD. Hardwood. Hi ceil.

What does can mean in real estate?

Properties that have the designation CAN have a cancelled contract between the agent and the owner before the contract period ended. Those that read EXP had the listing contract expire. The seller may have chosen not to sell.

What does HH mean in real estate?

Owned Properties has the meaning set forth in Section 3.16.

What does PR mean in real estate?

When you buy a home, there is a lot of paperwork to review before all is said and done. One of those documents is called the title commitment, also known as the preliminary title report (PR for short), title work, or title binder.

What does SIP mean in real estate?

State Implementation Plan (SIP) – Real Estate Prep Guide.

What is SOA in real estate?

The seller’s trust ledger statement essentially lists the amount you stand to make from the sale of the house minus any amounts that need to be paid on closing day. Under the credits column, you’ll find the total amount paid to you by the buyer (which you determined in the statement of adjustments).

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What does BR and BA mean in real estate?

Ba – bathroom. Br – bedroom. CAC – central air conditioning. Ch – central heat.

What is TP in real estate?

TP sanction is Town Planning Scheme. Under this scheme, flats which are made by Government for weaker sections of the society. … This Flats are very basic in nature.